So, after a little snafu with remembering which hotel we booked in New Orleans (no joke, it took three tries), our adventure got delayed.  Instead of a fun evening with Josh and I, we had to hit the highlights in about 30 minutes the next morning WITH the pups.

We found our way to Jackson Square and took the dogs for a little walk and that's when we found out we can add horses to the list of things our dogs are scared by!  The horses that pull carriage tours noticed Penny and immediately took interest in our little friends!  PLEO, on the other hand, wanted NOTHING to do with them!!

Once we got a few beignets from Cafe Du Monde in our possession, we went back to our car (it was hot! Poor dogs!) and got on our merry way.

We made it to Dallas just in time to get the last 7 minutes of beer sales at the Rangers/Royals game which is a win in my book!

Next Up: O'Neill, NE

Sweet Dahlia Photo | Honolulu, HI
Sweet Dahlia Photo | Honolulu, HI
Sweet Dahlia Photo | Honolulu, HI