Luke & Marty | Durham Engagement Photos

I have to tell you, sometimes it's hard coming up with places to do engagement photos.  Once you find a beautiful space, you tend to exhaust all the options and it's not any fun to do the same photos over and over with different couples.  So, the challenge is to find fun photographic play grounds, come up with as many different types of images as you can and find more places in the process.

Imagine my surprise when Luke and Marty suggest that we meet at the Tobacco District "near the water tower."  HA!!  That doesn't sound like it'd be an amazing place to play, does it?  

Well it was!

I'm a full on brick addict and the place was brick after brick after brick!  It was a dream to be there and with such a fun, young couple!  I'm excited to see what this couple has in store for their wedding day later on this month- they clearly have great taste!